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CUSM Mourns the Loss of Dr. Albert Karnig
CUSM Receives Initial WASC Approval
CUSM Welcomes Robert Lovingood to the Board
CUSM Signs an LOI with Claremont Graduate University
CUSM Awarded $10 million from the County of San Bernardino
Dr. Daniel Davis Joins CUSM as Assistant Dean of Clinical Research
Cal Med Faculty Participate at the Annual AAMC Conference

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California Education Code Section 94913(a) required publications and notices.

1. School Catalog.
2. A School Performance Fact Sheet for the follow educational program:
a. Master of Biomedical Science Program.
3. Student brochures
a. Master of Biomedical Science Program
4. Bureau's Internet Web site
5. The institution's most recent annual report submitted to the bureau.
a. CalMed is a new institution and has not submitted an annual report yet